“Awesome book!

‘I Get To’ delivers perhaps the most powerful message we all need to hear. Master Joan’s transformational message and you’ll likely experience improved health, increased wealth and – more than anything – genuine peace of mind. Isn’t that what we all want?”   ~Bob Burg,    Bestselling Author / Coauthor of The Go-Giver and It’s Not about You.


  “Today, you have 100% of your life left.”   ~Coach Tom Landry

Ready to Enjoy a Recharge for Increased:

Performance?                                          Productivity?                                          Profit?






After the two-day conference each of our staff specifically noted you as their favorite keynote speaker, Joan. You were so fun to listen to as well as very motivating.  We were all able to take away so much from what you shared. It was awesome!

Jayma Hoyt, Manager


“Joan, you are a breath of fresh air. You always inspire me and everyone else who ‘Gets To’ experience your message. You make us laugh and move us. This is a message we all need to hear regularly. We are so blessed and you are one of those blessings. Thank you for sharing your message with us.”

Jim Everett
Chief Executive Officer

“That was great Joan – thank you! It was exactly what I wanted and what everyone needed; a completely new perspective…even more than I had hoped for.”


Neil Nelson
ESI Construction

Franklin Logo

“As I mentioned to you in person, I have been to many training sessions in my 40 years in business. Yours is the best one I have personally attended.”

Dick Leirz, previous owner, Franklin Building
Rick Leirz, owner, Franklin Building




“Joan, You make a big difference to us, not only improving our business, but also improving our lives.”

Dick Schrandt – former owner
D & B Supply

“We are incredibly fortunate to have Joan Endicott here today…one reason she is highly effective is because, along with great content, she’s engaging and entertaining – she makes it fun! …Joan is a world-class speaker.”

Mark Schmitt – General Manager and CFO
D & B Supply

“I have had the joy of attending several of Joan’s ‘I Get To’ presentations. We had such success with Joan speaking at our Annual Meeting to our Council Members, we have asked Joan to speak at our Women of Today and Tomorrow Awards (WOTT) event that honors women throughout our communities…”

Shelli Rambo Roberson
CEO Girl Scouts of Silver Sage

“Thank you again, Joan

This will go down in the memory book of Special Olympics Idaho…great comments from businesses, community members and Special Olympic Athletes alike at the breakfast. (Breakfast of Champions) Your keynote was incredible!”



God bless, Laurie

Laurie La Follette, CEO
Special Olympics Idaho

“Joan, Thank you for speaking to our team…I really enjoyed your message…our team and staff appreciated it as well. It was well timed, as our team begins our tough, grinding, summer workouts. Hopefully they will show up with an “I Get To” attitude. Again, thanks for the great message.”

Sincerely, Coach Pete 
Chris Petersen
Head Football Coach
Boise State University

“Joan has done an amazing job with our staff (in Nebraska, Idaho & Kansas.) She engages everyone, gives great and very practical tools that can be immediately implemented and makes it fun at the same time.  She’s great! I don’t know what I would have done without her during our team transitions.”


-Doug Pageler, Vice President, GM

“Your presentations had us in tears both with your humor and enlightening and touching stories. Your genuine and insightful ways of delivering messages are a gift to all those who have an opportunity to listen to you. Thanks for making a difference for our leadership team with a more positive perspective!”

Francie Aguilar – AVP / Community Manager

“We were very pleased with your ability to tailor your material to the needs of our training. Your session was consistently rated the best…enthusiastic, fun, great use of humor, great information, entertaining as well as informative.”

Vicki Abraham, Project Manager
State of Oregon Dept. of Revenue







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