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Award-Winning Speaker and Author, Joan Endicott’s trademarked message and book, “I Get To!”®  – A Fresh Perspective That Will Change Your Life – is changing lives across America and beyond. Her inspiring messages are appreciated universally with all audiences: from underserved children, to sports teams – to Corporate CEO’s.

Joan is founder of GIANT-Slayer Coaching. Having slayed a few of Life’s GIANTS, she is dedicated to helping others experience the wonderful FREEDOM that comes from refusing to live in the land of the GIANTS – instead; their Promise Land. She is also founder of “WOW!” Academy – Women Owning Their Worth©. When a woman truly owns her worth, she is free to enjoy living her best and highest purpose life. Her global coaching program is entitled; “A David Mentality in a Goliath World”©. Joan is also proud to be one of a very select group of Certified High-Performance Coaches worldwide.


1.         She was an entrepreneur at 8 years old.
2.         In 4th grade, she was the first female “paper boy” for the Oregonian newspaper in Portland, OR.
3.         She was the first female “box boy” for Fred Meyer in Gresham, OR.
4.         In High school, she was the first female in Wood-shop class.
5.         The biggest fish she’s caught (so far) is a 29 inch steel-head.
6.         She climbed Mt. Hood.
7.         At 40-something, she played a season of Women’s Ice Hockey ~ resulting in shoulder surgery…
She no longer plays Ice Hockey. 🙂

Happy clients!

"As women, we often give so much of ourselves each day that we can feel exhausted, overwhelmed, alone and empty. "WOW!" Academy is a source of light and love for women of all walks of life to draw strength from Joan’s leadership, her teachings of truth, as well as from the other wonderful women. It’s a great community! It refreshes and refills your cups of faith, hope and love for yourself and others. Once refueled, we are empowered and able to enjoy doing what we do best."

Brenda Cameron

Founder of Hopes Door and Citizens Legal Resources

""WOW!" Academy is an inspiration to ALL women. It has been instrumental to me in building my CONFIDENCE and encouraged me to know I matter and make a difference in this world!"

Cyndi Locher Hadlock


"WOW! Academy – Women Owning Their Worth was truly life changing. I have been in Joan’s trainings for a while. WOW! Academy put the final puzzle piece in my puzzle. I met new friends and visited new places. But most of all, I got that I am enough – that I am a BIG DEAL!"

D’on Gustaves Waltermire

Future Director Mary Kay

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Dates and Locations Coming Soon!

Dates and Locations Coming Soon!

You can sign up at the bottom of this page if you are interested in receiving information on upcoming “WOW!” Academy events in 2018.

You can sign up at the bottom of this page if you are interested in receiving information on upcoming “WOW!” Academy events in 2018.

“WOW!” Academy (Online Version) 2019

EXCITING UPDATE FOR 2019!  Rather than offering LIVE events ONLY, we are adding an ONLINE version of “WOW!” Academy – Women Owning Their Worth.  Sign up on the bottom of this page to be one of the first to get the details and the early bird offer, ok?

Whew!  Doesn’t having the option to attend an Online Academy sound sooo convenient rather than ONLY the possibility of buying a plane ticket, a hotel and meals in order to attend?  I thought it would!  Yep, you’re welcome, my friend!

****Also if you’re like many of my clients in over 20 countries who want more advanced one-on-one coaching in order to get further -faster, let us know and we’ll put you next in line on the waiting list for my personal coaching. There’s no obligation of course, but that allows us to send you the application details to see if you’re a good fit. 

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"It was a wonderful blessing to attend the "WOW!" Conference for me. I found it enriching, motivating and full of inspiration from Joan as well as other strong leaders I was able to connect with. Joan’s teachings offer high value, practical content as well as spiritual take-aways that make it unique and effective. It’s a great investment - I highly recommend "WOW!" Academy!"

Connie Miller

Philanthropist and President / CEO of ICON Credit Union

"Joan’s "WOW!" event hits the reset button on life. How we show up in all areas; our health, career and relationships is directly related to how we value ourselves and those around us. You will love this event! Not only is it practical and effective, Joan brings the fun and laughter. She’s a talented messenger for inspiring you to live a bigger life!"

Claudia Weatherman Tester

News Anchor (former) / Certified Health Coach

"I just love all the principles Joan teaches in her "WOW!" Academy. One that stands out is when she focuses on being free of unhealthy comparisons – which are the kill-joy of God’s design for us. Like everyone, I’ve struggled with comparison – and when I do, I know it takes me out of the original design I was made for. Comparisons just box us up in insecurity and keep us from living the way we were intended. Our true design is to be FREE to walk in childlike wonder by owning our true God-given worth. Every female should attend Joan Endicott’s "WOW!" Academy - it takes you to a new level of freedom!"

Christie Lynn

Student Ministry & Worship Pastor

Personal Message from Joan

Yep, you and I got it all goin’ on, right Sista? Or so it would seem to the world around us.

For me, what others didn’t see are the times I was feeling so discouraged and overwhelmed I would be curled up in the fetal position, doing the ugly cry.  I just wanted so desperately to escape the pain. The pain of loss, rejection, feelings of being alone – even when I wasn’t.  To others, I looked like I was crushing it in all areas in life, when in reality there were certain areas that were crushing me.  At times, I felt the weight of a broken and painful past filled with harsh words and rejection from those who were supposed to be protecting and providing for me.  On top of that, there were deep wounds, hurt and confusion from current relationships with “loved ones” who were toxic for me to even think about, much less be around.

What I didn’t understand, or frankly care about is, they were broken themselves.  Since then, I’ve learned important, life-changing lessons, like “Hurt people, hurt people”.

I’m sooo grateful, with God’s help, I can tell you without hesitation, I have been delivered from all that CRAP (should I say that?) in life and it feels AMAZING!  The feeling of freedom I began to have when I stopped worrying about what others thought, said or did and focused on God’s purpose for me.  (Did I mention I’m a recovering addict?  Approval Addict, that is!)  I’m here to tell you, this if for you if you want to enjoy the freedom that comes with absolutely OWNING your worth in every area of life: Spiritual, Mental, Emotional, Physical, Financial, and Relational.

In my “WOW!” Academy, you will learn my 7 Steps for Owning Your Worth. 

“I Get To!” …

  1. Take 100% Responsibility for My Life
  2. Choose My Attitude and Perspective – Alway
  3. Replace Fear with Fait
  4. Take Courageous Action, Regardless of Feelings
  5. Let Go of THAT (THAT = anything I can’t fix, change or control)
  6. Think and Speak Life-Giving Words
  7. Live Grounded in Truth
Much love,

What are YOU Actually Worth?

Not Owning Your Worth?

“WOW!” Academy Testimonials

"At WOW! Academy, I was refreshed and inspired being with - and learning from so many brave, amazing women. Joan offers such great value, absolutely every woman should attend."

Sheri Rogers

R.N./Founder of Buckle Up for Bobby

"I’ve been blessed to learn from Joan Endicott’s teachings for much of my life. Thinking it would be impossible to become even more inspirational than she already is, I can’t tell you the impact her "WOW!" Academy event has had on me, (and continues to have) year after year - as well as the many other amazing women who attend. Without a doubt, she is gifted and anointed for helping people. Through her work, I am constantly seeing lives changed, people around the globe are empowered and encouraged to face and conquer their giants in life. That all starts when we own our God-given worth, as Joan teaches. I highly encourage you to make it priority to spend time with Joan and other champion women at "WOW!" Academy. It will be the best investment you can make in yourself – and those you love most."

Dusti Olson

Entrepreneur / Miss Rodeo America, Runner up 2016


  • Member: National and Global Speakers Association
  • Member: Experts Industry Association
  • Joan was chosen as Mrs. Idaho, International in 1994-95
  • Nominated numerous years for the BBB “Integrity Counts Award”
  • Joan and her husband Mark were married December 20, 1980.
    In 2008, they were awarded Marriage Ambassadors by Healthy Families Network.
  • Chosen as a 2011 “Woman of the Year” by IBR
  • One of the Top Ranked Certified High Performance Coaches Globally
  • A title and role she cherishes beyond description, getting to be a (G’ma) “GiGi” to Charlotte and Kimber.

"We’ve been enormously blessed by Joan Endicott’s “WOW!” program for years. It’s incredibly challenging for women to transition from incarceration back into civilian life. Many grew up in abusive environments - then went into similar adult relationships. They need solid, practical ‘down-to-earth’ teaching and tools they can put into practice immediately. Joan lovingly (and humorously – she’s so funny) delivers that AND is the consummate example of what she teaches. The change is tremendous. These ladies love and respect her because they know she genuinely cares. In fact, after doing yet another Graduation Keynote for us, the ladies gave her a very special award – just from them. It doesn’t matter where you’re from or what you’ve done; a high-level executive or an ‘ex-con’, at the heart of the matter, we’re all the same. We all need to own our worth to live the best life God has for us. Until that’s in place, nothing else can – or will be. Do whatever it takes to get to Joan’s WOW Academy!"

Marsha Tennyson

CEO & Founder – Chrysalis Women’s Transitional Living, Inc.

"In our practice, we often treat female patients who have failed to recognize their inherent value. A woman like this finds her identity in her illness; she may respond well to treatment initially, but will invariably hit a wall she can’t get over, because in her heart of hearts, she doesn’t believe she deserves to be whole. As a graduate of "WOW!" Academy myself, I can say with confidence that Joan’s students leave the Academy not only having greater clarity of their inherent value, but real tools to continue to develop higher levels of courage and confidence for increased physical, mental and emotional well-being. "

Warna Crawford Sears

Owner, Living Well LLC

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