Do you also struggle when the anniversary of some sort of loss is approaching?  It can literally be the loss of anything: a relationship, a job /career, health, the loss of a dream or a loved one.

I completely understand!  Today marks the anniversary of my friend *Laurie’s tragic accident that left her so brain damaged she could do nothing – for herself or those she loved.  She couldn’t even recognize her own children.

The longer I lived the more I realize I can’t choose what happens, but I always get to choose how I respond.  Bad things will happen throughout our lives, won’t they?  Once we’ve grieved those things, we choose to either stay-stuck in grief or rise-up in hope and help those in need.

You’ll love this DO-GOOD opportunity!  In the video I share an amazing opportunity to help precious children around the globe in need of shoes.  I hope you’ll join Mark and I, in what we consider one of the most meaningful contributions we’ve ever been part of.

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