“I Get To!”®

Life is 90% ATTITUDE, right?

Since everyone agrees on that, have you ever wondered why more time isn’t spent teaching and training tools and tips for how to attain and maintain a good one?

Just imagine what elevates when your entire team enthusiastically embraces this mindset: “I’m so grateful ‘I Get To!’®… be here today, serve my team and serve my customers.”

YEP, Absolutely EVERYTHING does!

This popular Keynote was the catalyst for Joan’s book.  In his Forward, Ken Blanchard writes:  “Joan and her book are fabulous!  I’m getting copies of her ‘I Get To!’ book for everybody.  I encourage you to do the same and to get her on your stage.                                   Joan is the best!”

Your team will LOVE learning this simple framework to AMPLIFY their ATTITUDE for greater joy in business and life!

Authentic Customer Care©

The term ‘Customer Service’ has been used very loosely in recent years, hasn’t it?  Neon flashing signs and grapefruit sized lapel pins that say “We Love Our Customers” won’t hardly compensate for putting people in positions who don’t actually care about customers.

From healthcare to retail, anyone can build beautiful buildings, buy the latest greatest technology, and have professional decorators put that big ol’ cherry on top.

But guess what? Consumer dollars prove; Nobody cares about all of that…  unless it’s filled with people who consistently demonstrate they genuinely care.

Joan’s Authentic Customer Care program teaches how to engage the head, heart and hands simultaneously.  Having the critical balance of care and competency allows you to enjoy raving fans who want to come back and tell their friends!

Enjoy the Serve!

With a culture obsessed with taking and posting “selfies” all day long, the timely and timeless message of focusing on our opportunity to enjoy serving, is more important than ever, isn’t it?

Besides being proven in psychology for decades, I’ve been blessed to personally train and coach high performing individuals from around the globe in over 20 countries and seen firsthand this universal truth: We are happiest and most content with OURSELVES when we are making meaningful contributions to those around us.

As Ralph Waldo Emerson said, “It is one of the greatest compensations in this life that no one can sincerely try and help another without also helping himself.”

When we enjoy what we do, our team and customers naturally enjoy being with us.  Everyone wins when each team member learns how to Enjoy the Serve!

Customized Just For YOU!


You and your meeting planners will love working with Joan. She not only “thinks outside the box”, she didn’t know there was a box! Whether it’s for a Keynote, Conference, Workshop, or 3 Day Retreat, everything is customized to exactly what you and your group want for a fun, memorable event with lots of practical take-aways for participants to immediately enjoy the many benefits that come from an elevated attitude and practical action plans. Contact us right away so we can reserve your important date(s) today! *Your participants will be doin’ the Happy Dance!


More Speaker Topic Options 

Sensitivity Training – Team Building – Communication – Personalities – Resolving Conflicts – Respect – Appreciation
Time Management – Vision – Mission – Productivity



Thank you for the excellent job on the program and delivery to our leadership today. (One-Day Annual Leadership Institute). It can be challenging for speakers to keep this size audience connected all day, but you hit it out of the park! We not only thoroughly enjoyed it, we  have practical, valuable tools to take with us. As an example, your “I Get To!” really struck a chord and will stay with me!
Rodney D. Reider

President and CEO, Saint Alphonsus Health System

After the two-day conference each of our staff specifically noted you as their favorite keynote speaker, Joan. You were so fun to listen to as well as very motivating. We were all able to take away so much from what you shared. It was awesome!

Jayma Hoyt


Our teams have been through a great deal of transition. Joan has done an amazing job with all of our staff (Nebraska, Idaho & Kansas.) She engages everyone, gives great and very practical tools that can be immediately implemented and makes it fun at the same time. She’s great! I don’t know what I would have done without her during our team transitions.

Doug Pageler

VP / GM, SWIFT Foods

Joan, you are a breath of fresh air. You always inspire me and everyone else who ‘Gets To’ experience your message. You make us laugh and move us. This is a message we all need to hear regularly. We are so blessed and you are one of those blessings. Thank you for sharing your message with us.

Jim Everett


We were very pleased with your ability to tailor your material to the needs of our training. Your session was consistently rated the best…enthusiastic, fun, great use of humor, great information, entertaining as well as informative.

Vicki Abraham

Project Manager, State of Oregon Dept. of Revenue

Your presentations had us in tears both with your humor and enlightening and touching stories. Your genuine and insightful ways of delivering messages are a gift to all those who have an opportunity to listen to you. Thanks for making a difference for our leadership team with a more positive perspective!

Francie Aguilar

AVP / Community Manager, WELLS FARGO

Joan and her book are fabulous! I’m getting copies of her ‘I Get To!’ book for everybody. I encourage you to do the same and to get her on your stage. Joan is the best!

Ken Blanchard

Co-author of The New One Minute Manager®

That was great Joan – thank you! It was exactly what I wanted and what everyone at the event needed; a completely new and fresh perspective. It was more than I had hoped for.

Neil Nelson

President, ESI Construction

As I mentioned to you in person, I have been to many training sessions in my 40 years in business. Yours is the best one I have personally attended.

Dick Leirz

Founder, Franklin Building Supply

Joan, You make a big difference to us, not only improving our business, but also improving our lives. Having you custom create and train all our employees in your ‘Authentic Customer Care’ program for over eight years is clearly one of the best business decisions we could have made.

Dick Schrandt

Owner, D & B Supply

Joan, Thank you for speaking to our team…I really enjoyed your message…our team and staff appreciated it as well. It was well timed, as our team begins our tough, grinding, summer workouts. Hopefully they will show up with an “I Get To” attitude. Again, thanks for the great message.

Chris Petersen

Award Winning Football Coach, Former BSU - Currently University of Washington

We have been incredibly fortunate to have Joan Endicott train all our team members. One reason she is highly effective is because, along with great content, she’s engaging and entertaining – she makes it fun! Joan is a world-class speaker.

Mark Schmitt

CFO / CEO, D & B Supply

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