Joan Endicott’s Signature Keynotes:

Keynote Speaker“I Get To!”®

 The Power of Perspective

“Every moment of everyday “I Get To!” choose my attitude and perspective”


Joan offers humorous and reflective true stories and personal examples to guide listeners to embrace this truth:  “Every moment of everyday “I Get To!” choose my attitude and perspective.”  Listeners are not only inspired given tools for lasting change.  They are empowered to reframe tough circumstances on the job and in life, and transform their attitudes for the better, once and for all.  Joan shares timeless truths that transform our thinking and our lives.  YES, she’s entertaining as well as educational and offers practical mental exercises and tools to reset your mindset for immediate and lasting application. How would it change your culture if everyone walked in saying, “I Get To!” go to work today and ‘get to’ serve co-workers and customer? Would that affect morale, quality customer relationships and the bottom line?  It absolutely does!


“Authentic Customer Care!”©

Every business, retail to healthcare should all realize the power in this statement: “People don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care!”  Clearly people do business with those they know, like and trust.  Engaging ones heart before their head and hands, ensures that all-important balance of care and competency.   Every person in a business has the power to set, what Joan calls, the “emotional temperature”.  Every contact with a businessis considered a moment of truth, when the customer (or prospect) decides if the value is there.  It ALL matters!  This keynote offers solid steps for every business to succeed in this most important area.  A great responsibility and privilege lies within the opportunity to care for others authentically – this one area is THE difference maker for any business!    


Although you may never need this, Joan also offers a few tools for helping keep our perspective and attitude in place just in case we ever start “losing it.”  (You know, just in case… J)     


“Enjoy the Serve!”©

“Anybody can be great because anyone can serve.” ~ Martin Luther King

We truly are most content with ourselves when we are focused on others ~ ensuring their well-being.  If we take two days out of our lives and one is lived completely selfish,  the other is selfless, it is a universal truth that we are always most satisfied with who we are when we are thinking of and serving others. That is when we have the greatest satisfaction in our work. This keynote guides audiences to gain new insight into the natural benefit of embracing a service mentality and grasp the true win / win.  Along with practical tools,  Joan also talks about the absolute proven value that fun and humor add to our every day service.  What difference would it make if every team member fully realized their ability (and responsibility to themselves, customers and co-workers) to unabashedly “Enjoy the serve!” every day?



“A David Mentality in a Goliath World!”©

Whether in business or life, everyone has GIANTS!

We all want to be FINALLY FREE of them to enjoy all areas of life; work, family, home, volunteering… Audiences are encouraged, empowered and educated on how to get out of the ruts and routines of life and  step into inspired action as they learn how to SLAY the GIANTS that have been standing in their way.  FEAR is #1universally.  Audiences get their batteries recharged and feel a new sense of HOPE as the life they have only been dreaming about comes into clear focus.  Bring your sling, Joan will provide the stones!


Joan covers these 5 fundamental and life-changing steps:

5 Steps to Slay Life’s GIANTS!

#1 “I Get To!”® take 100% responsibility for my life. #2 “I Get To!”® choose my attitude & perspective – always. #3 “I Get To!”® replace fear with faith. #4 “I Get To!”® take courageous action, regardless of feelings. #5 “I Get To!”® let go of that. (That = anything I cannot fix, change or control.)