Isn’t it CRAZY how the little things cause glitches in our gratitude? Just think about the little things that trip you up and steal your joy during the day, my friend! (Now we go behind the scenes of making this video…) As I was preparing to make this video celebrating my book being on Amazon now,(YAYYY!) 🙂 EVERYTHING in the tech area went off the rails…and so did I…frustration…tears…pity party…meltdown.  THEN guess what happened? Years of my “I Get To!” mindset training kicked in and flipped me from pity to empowering perspective. (Thank you, Lord!) So I decided to be totally transparent and share that with you in the video because this is where the rubber meets the road in life, right?

I hope my transparency serves you.  I’m once again proving that we ALL need constant reminders of what matters most – especially mwa, “The Attitude Expert”, the “I Get To!” Gal!  🙂

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