What’s the #1 thing everyone in the world wants?

I believe that the answer, quite simply, is: MORE. 

They want more success at work. They want more happiness. They want more passion in their relationships. They want more money. More energy. More productivity. More meaning. Everyone wants more of the good things that life has to offer, right?

Well, to get more, people need to activate their full potential. They need to hit a higher gear and become high performers at whatever they do. They need to become more focused, productive, influential, and successful.

As a Speaker and Trainer, I had clients who began asking me to additionally meet with their leadership team, officers, and board members – as well as, one-on-one with specific employees who had great potential but were stuck and struggling in ways that kept them from showing up as their best selves in life – as well as not being a quality team player.

So my coaching practice was organically born and grew from there.

Now, over two decades later, I’ve been blessed to personally coach hundreds of amazing individuals in 20 countries across 6 continents –

Doug Pageler
“I don’t know what you’ve done with “M” but your coaching took him from being the most negative one on our leadership team to the most positive and productive…no kidding when I say, it’s like a miracle!”
Tim Anderson
B & D Foods
“After your leadership training when I reached out to request you work with “T” one on one…he either needed to change something in him or change the team he worked for.  Our entire organization is grateful for the work you did with him and the difference it’s made!”

12 High Performance Habits

7 Keys to Women Owning Their Worth

7 Steps to Slay Life’s GIANTS

High Performance Coaching is a process created to explore all the ways you can reach heightened and sustained levels of performance and potential in your life.

As a Certified Coach, my job is to work with you in this process through 5 different areas: Clarity, Energy, Courage, Productivity and Influence.

When you develop mastery in these five areas, you feel more purposeful and fulfilled.  Questions to consider: How are you doing on your overall life and goals?  Is your energy and mental stamina where you want it to be to perform your best? Would you like to be showing up with more confidence and boldness in the world? And, would you like to have more influence to lead and inspire your family and all those you serve? 

In this coaching you discover new beliefs, habits and tools that help you join the world’s most successful people.

We women can be masterful at lookin’ good  – like we got it goin’ on. I mean our social media photos are proof our life is just grand, right?   AND nobody else needs to know how well we do the ugly cry behind closed doors when we’re feeling; less than, disconnected or just plain empty.

The saying; “Little hinges swing big doors” is the perfect picture of how the hinge of a woman’s worth affects everything; self-image, attracting healthy people and relationships, incredible career opportunities, financial success.  When you own your worth, everything else elevates, Sister!

 As a child. my little girl heart yearned to be loved and belong.  Then as I grew older, I had the same yearnings…just in a BIG girl body.  I know your heartache, Sis, and I want you to be free of it, too.  It’s finally time for you to start taking control of what YOU can control.

I’m excited to take you through the 7 Steps to Owning Your Worth and watch a whole new world open up for you.

There comes a time in our lives when we realize it’s our time to change something – or everything – but we lack the courage and confidence to take the next steps. 

I love how scripture says David RAN to the battlefield. Once he was clear and committed to his mission, he didn’t sit and think about it, listen to fears or naysayers (which he had plenty of), nor did he sit and start making a list of all the “What if’s”. 

No, my friend, he boogied to the battlefront to slay that bad-boy named Goliath.  He stepped out of his comfort zone and into courageous action. Is it time for you to take courageous action and go to the next level in life and business?  

You see, courage isn’t a feeling – it’s a decision we make and action we take.  In this coaching journey I help you identify YOUR Giants, then hand you a sling and some stones as we go through the 7 Steps to Slay Life’s GIANTS, so you can enjoy life with “A David Mentality in a Goliath World!”

I have always struggled with viewing circumstances in a positive light.  I am a Type A personality – very organized and structured and try to have a plan for everything.  When ‘life happens’ and things effect my plans in a way I hadn’t anticipated, I tend to get frustrated and expect a negative outcome.  Joan’s coaching and “I Get To!” tools literally change EVERYTHING – they apply to every aspect of life: spiritual, personal and business.  Besides her business genius and how I’ve been able to level-up that important area, I’ve grown so much as a dad.  For example, my daughter and I are very different personalities and Joan helped me focus on what my daughters’ needs are – which means letting go of my natural impatience.  I can’t begin to express the value her coaching has had in my life, business and relationships over the years.  Without exaggeration, Joan’s coaching and tools are absolutely life-altering!
John Lopez

Owner, TKG Protection Systems

Wow!  Joan, I am so thrilled to tell you what a huge difference your coaching made for me.  Even after our first session and applying just ONE tool, this year was off to the best start ever.   I couldn’t believe how ONE change of mindset made such a major difference in my perspective – directly increasing productivity and profit.  It was like dominos: tip one thing and everything else changes.  Almost like I flipped a switch and everything changed.  It’s really quite remarkable.  Also, as a health-coach, it’s been fun to share your tools with my team and watch the difference it makes for them as well.  Our team is up 20% over this time last year.  I can’t thank you enough for your quality coaching program and I thank God for bringing you into my life.
Tricia Dixon

Wife / Mother / Business Owner

Society tends to place the pursuit and completion of higher education as the most important factor in success.  Although, a powerful state of mind isn’t something one gets from a book or degree yet it’s critical in order to get to the next level in all facets of life.  Even as a successful Restaurateur with 4 degrees, I found myself wanting more in life: it seemed I had the tools but there was still something missing.  As humans it’s so easy to be our own worst critic, sell ourselves short and live in the past.  Just minutes into our initial consultation it was if a light switch had been turned on.  I was missing the accountability, vision and perspective from someone with a clear view.  There is nothing more important than fueling all areas of life.  Joan does a masterful job at integrating the Mind, Body & Spirit into tangible, reachable goals to take you to the next level; beyond your wildest dreams!
Ryan LeBaron


December 6 marks two years since the brain surgery that threw my body and life into turmoil. With major nerve damage the surgeon and all the rehab staff I worked with said they could do nothing more. RE-inventing myself with so many things not working could get so discouraging were it not for my extraordinary coach, Joan Endicott.  She showed up in a way that far surpassed anything I could have imagined; she guided me in focusing on what I had left rather than what I had lost, showing me the gold I had in my own backyard. (Which allowed me to support myself when I was not able to work.)  Joan also helped me honor me, as I am –not as I wish I were – not being too hard on myself.  It’s amazing how wonderful life is when you learn to be kind to yourself.  Her guidance also helped me slay Giants in my life that I hadn’t even identified but had a terribly negative affect me. If you need a coach to get you into your power to succeed in life or business, that’s Joan!  I am so grateful the universe guided me to her. I love her so much!
Ali Bierman

Author and “Queen of Overcoming”

In the past, I had literally paid thousands and thousands of dollars to industry-specific coaches for guidance.   Joan is very different from any other coach I’ve had.  She gets down to the real issues, the heart of the matter.  She focuses me on improving my most important asset: my mind. Her value-added approach is like none other.  In just the first few coaching sessions I had with Joan, I can say from a great deal of experience, her Giant-Slayer program will (have life-long impact) continue to help me not only improve my business, but my life in general for years to come thereby helping me to improve the lives of those around me.
Aaron Kreps

Chief Pilot , MFH Aviation

WOW!  Finally I had the opportunity to work with Joan Endicott- what an amazing person she is. In just our first few sessions together she opened my eyes and guided me to a completely different mentality and perspective in my life. It totally changed how I look at my family, life and business.  I didn’t realize how the doubts and dilemmas in my mind were controlling everything in my life. I felt I was in a constant state of anxiousness.  I wasn’t being present – and it was stealing my joy.  Joan helped me overcome those worried, anxious feelings and truly enjoy “getting to” work at our business and then relax and enjoy family time. I am so grateful for her incredible work and helping me. She is the best of the best.
Bijaya Pudasaini

Wife, Mother, Restaurant Owner

After reading Joan’s “I Get To” book and working with her, it has literally changed my life.  It was a HUGE shift to change my perspective from “I have to” to “I get to”.  I see absolutely everything through a different lens now. It’s easy for us to take everything for granted…then you see people who’ve had a loss and you realize how much you have.  Doing everything in gratitude, changed me – it changed how I look at every aspect of life; from getting up, taking care of my kids, going to work and facing those challenges.  It all feels different when I’m embracing what I’ve learned from Joan.   It’s so simple – but so powerful.

I also love spreading her good work to as many people as I can reach.  Everything I have learned from her, I am excited to share with colleagues and friends at Boeing.  Looking forward to bringing her in to speak to our team as well.

Dannelle Coates

Executive Office Administrator, Boeing

I just have to say that I have been working with Joan Endicott as my personal coach for just a few months now and I am so impressed with the changes and progress I have made! I am now excited about my future and so blessed and grateful to have such an amazing and inspiring professional coach taking me where I need to go! She goes above and beyond to help her clients achieve the life of their dreams!!!   My professional success and increased income is just a portion of the benefit I’ve received; the whole atmosphere in our home is better, our children’s attitudes are more grateful, the things you teach make every aspect of life go to a completely new level of success!

P.S. “Shut the front door!!  I just got another 2 deals for a total of 4 deals today and it is only 1:00 🙂  Wow! Now that is abundance, Thank you GOD!! 

And I am about to help 2 new realtors have the best year yet, thanks to you Mrs. Endicott 🙂

Erin Barrows

Manager, Citywide Home Loans

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